Xinxere Edutainment Co., Ltd. is an online educational and gaming service provider. Our goal is to provide premium action-oriented, fun, and entertaining online education and entertainment games to the Thai society with superior customer service and a valuable learning experience for all. We aim to create a strong sense of community among our users. Though the company was recently established, our directors and management team have many years of expertise in the IT field and business in general.

We currently offer the first FREE MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) online game to Thailand called Ran. We anticipate it will be very successful and look forward to providing other stimulating, forefront online games like this to the Thai community.

We believe that the key to becoming the industry’s market leader is to provide the best environment to build and nurture the creativity and development of our users and to greatly enhance the users’ playing experience by providing a good and wholesome portfolio of online games and content of great educational value.

Xinxere objective is to maintain and enhance its leading role in the online games industry in Thailand and to achieve that through the following strategies:

  • To continue to expand the game offerings through strategic joint ventures or alliances, acquisitions and additional licensing arrangements and in-house development;

  • To continue to enhance the operational efficiency with the implementation of the latest state-of-the-art technologies;

  • To develop and explore alternative channels for delivering online entertainment across other media platforms;

  • To develop and enhance the customer services and support to achieve the highest customer satisfaction level and retention.